born 11.12.2007
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Veseliy Roger s Nevskih Ostrovov
Interchampion, Multichampion
Champion of National Russian Dalmatian Club
Grand Champion of Russia , Bulgaria and Belarussia
Champion of Russia, Belarussia, Moldova, RKF,
Bulgaria, Makedonia, Serbia and Chernogoria,
Bosnia and Hercegovine, Balkan Champion
Young Champion of Russia
Young Champion of Russian Dalmatian Club

6xCACIB, 3xRes.CACIB, BIS-2, -3, -4

Gordost s Nevskih Ostrovov
2x Best Female-5 of Club shows
in Moskow and St.Petersburg

Photos of puppies in 25 days...
Russian Champion
Junior Russian Champion

CAC at the CACIB-show in St.Pb
Best Male-4 at Club show in Moskow-09
3xJCAC, BOB junior in St.Petersburg

BOS junior, JCAC at the CACIB show
BOB pappy at the CACIB show

Russian Champion
Junior Russian Champion

3xCAC, 4xJCAC, BOB, 2xBOB puppy

Severniy Ritm s Nevskih Ostrovov

6 months
ow. Sysoeva Vera and Belyaeva Ludmila, St.Pb

BOS pappy at the CACIB "Belye Nochi-2-2008"
BOS pappy at the CACIB "Belye Nochi-1-2008"
BOB Baby at the Club show in St.Pb-08

Simfonia s Nevskih Ostrovov

4 months
ow. Levitskaya Natalia, St.Pb

Severyznka s Nevskih Ostrovov

2 months
ow. Simanovich Alexandra, Vyborg

BOB Pappy at the show in Vyborg
BOB Baby
at the show in Vyborg

Inter, Rus & By & Bg Grand Ch,
Rus, Blr, Mda, Bg, BiH, Mk, SCG, Balkan, Club Ch.
Rus, Club JCh, Club JW-04

Veseliy Roger s Nevskih Ostrovov
Inter, Rus, Kaz,
Blr, Geo, 2xClub Ch.

Keen Keemun
of Dalbury's Clan
Ch Holl, EuJW
Timanka's Almost a Clown
Dainty Djeany
of Dalbary's Clan
Rus, Ukr, 2xClub Ch.
Ekaterina iz Terletskoy Dubravy
Inter, Am, Rus, Blr, 2xClub Ch.
Daloes Robbsdale's
Easy Rider
Inter, Rus, Blr, Club Ch.
Gwynmor Never Say Never
Gordost s Nevskih Ostrovov Inter, 2xClub, Rus, Est, Ukr,
Grand, RKF Ch., 10CACIB

Zemchug iz Terletskoy Dubravy
Inter, Rus, Blr, Ukr, Md, 3xClub Ch.
Caesands Regent Star
Rus Ch. Idealnaya Mechta iz Terletskoy Dubravy
Rus JCh
Anastasia s Nevskih Ostrovov
Rus Ch.
Lel iz Terletskoy Dubravy
Rus, RKF Ch.