born 12.06.2011

Veseliy Roger s Nevskih Ostrovov
22.08.2003, white/liver, all teeth Веселый Роджер с Невских Островов

Champion of Russia, Belarussia, Moldova, RKF, Club,
Bulgaria, Makedonia, Serbia and Chernogoria,
Bosnia and Hercegovine, Balkan countries
Grand Champion of Russia, Bulgaria and Belorussia
Junior Rus and Club Champion
Best Stud Dog-1, 2 in 2007-2008-2009-2010

Dalming`s Icetea

04.04.2008, white/liver, all teeth, HD-A

Russian, Belarus, Lithuania,
Estonian, RKF Champion

Kennel "Dalming"

puppies 39 days old

Glafira s Nevskih Ostrovov (liver female)
ow. Jeannine Brehme, Germany, kennel "De los Perros Santos"

Gloria s Nevskih Ostrovov (liver female)
ow. "S Nevskih Ostrovov"

Inter, Rus & Bg Grand,
Rus, Blr, Mda, Bg, BiH, Mk, SCG, Balkan, Club Ch.
Rus, Club JCh, Club JW-04

Veseliy Roger s Nevskih Ostrovov
Inter, Rus, Kaz, Blr,
Geo, 2xClub Ch

Keen Keemun
of Dalbury's Clan
Ch Holl, Joung Ch.
Timanka's Almost a Clown
Dainty Djeany
of Dalbary's Clan
Grand, Rus, Ukr, 2xClub Ch. JCh
Ekaterina iz Terletskoy Dubravy
Inter, Am, Rus, Blr, 2xClub Ch.
Daloes Robbsdale's
Easy Rider
Inter, Rus, Blr, Club Ch.
Gwynmor Never
Say Never
Rus, By, Lt, Est, RKF Ch.
Dalming`s Icetea
No Ch.
Perdita's Right On Time
No Ch
Perdita's Counterstrike
Perdita's Dotty Design
Dalming's Harlequin Inter Ch, WW-2000
Jilloc's A Man In The Mirror
Dalming's Great Bunny